From the recording HOLLYWOOD

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Fern Johnston - Composer, Primary Artist

Erich Sandersfeld - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Daniel Johnston - Vocal Recording Engineer

Cody Norris - Mastering

Grady Saxman - Drums, Percussion

Matt Pierson - Bass

Curtis McDonald - Electric Guitar

Cooper Green - Acoustic Guitar

Billy Nobel - Keys

Setnick Sene - Background Vocals

Photography- For Real Life Photography



He was shy, he was new at school,
That young boy didn’t know what to do,
When a girl he’d never spoken to,
Came bounding over and said ‘hi, who are you?’

Wasn’t long before friendship grew
Both loved music and making it too
But when rumours started flying free
She said ‘boy, you’ll never be the man for me’

Hollywood had made her broken promises,
And back then she believed them.
Hollywood had fixed her eyes on something else,
Now she’s glad that didn’t work out.

Not one to wait around,
wasn’t long someone else he had found
Though their music making, still went strong
There was someone else now he would bring along.

Hollywood had made him broken promises,
And back then he believed them
Hollywood had fixed his heart on someone else,
Now he’s glad that didn’t out….

Time still had more to say,
There was writing in the background
And time waited two more years,
To tell them to be more than friends.

At the end of his highschool days
He and romance had parted ways
And not wanting to make the same mistakes
He prayed 'Father tell me please which road to take?

Hollywood can keep their broken promises
We have something much better
And hollywood writes stories that are something else,
But I’m so glad that He writes ours
And I’m so glad that we worked out.