1. Equator

From the recording Equator (feat. Jordan Worner)

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Fern Johnston - Composer, Primary Artist
Jordan Worner - Secondary Artist, Vocals, Keys
Erich Sandersfeld - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Daniel Johnston - Vocal Recording Engineer
Cody Norris - Mastering
Grady Saxman - Drums, Percussion
Matt Pierson - Bass
Curtis McDonald - Electric Guitar
Cooper Green - Acoustic Guitar
Billy Nobel - Keys, Organ, Programming


A life of plane tickets and coffee machines,
If I am absent minded you know what that means,
That I left half my heart on the wrong side of the equator
And I’m visiting it right now in my head.
In my head.

You might think that it’s unreasonable,
To be lost in things impossible,
But if I left my brain on the wrong side of the equator,
Well I’m visiting it right now, in my heart.

Maybe I’ll invest in an airplane company
Or maybe this preoccupation’s just a lesson yet to be,
In how He feels about me.

He knows every single hair upon my head,
He knows all my mouth will say before it’s said,
And if I’m never out of the mind of my creator,
Well He’s thinking of me right now in his heart.

Perhaps the reason for this lack of company,
Is to remind me that His presence is the one that never leaves.

He never leaves.
He never leaves.
He never leaves.