From the recording Waltzing My Heart

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Waltzing My Heart Credits

Fern Johnston - Composer, Primary Artist

Erich Sandersfeld - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Dan Johnston - Vocal Recording Engineer

Cody Norris - Mastering

Billy Nobel - Piano, Keys

CJ Oliver - Strings


Pondering eyes and a sweet little nose,
She will have music whenever,
from her dark head to her sweet little toes,
She’s making music wherever she goes,

To the beats of my heart with a rhythm that flows,
Waltzing my heart Matilda.

Pondering eyes and an innocent gaze,
She’s making sunshine whenever,
Sweet little smile, an adorable face,
She’s flinging sunshine all over the place.

To the beats of my heart is a rhythm that plays,
Waltzing my heart Matilda.

Swept up in wonder at this gift, she sweetens our hearts and lives,
Wonderful Father, has made all of her beautifully in His time.

Innocent eyes with a glint of denial,
She’s making mischief whenever,
Brightens your day with her humorous smile…
She’s making mischief but all the while

There’s a rhythm that swells as I look in her eyes,
My heart starts to beat and the music takes flight,
Learn the steps to this dance of pure love and delight.

Waltzing my heart, waltzing my heart,

Waltzing my heart… Matilda.